Hyundai Motor America Statement on the media buying agency Canvas Worldwide

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Aug. 16, 2015 - Hyundai Motor America (HMA) has confirmed that as of January 1, 2016, it will begin using the services of Canvas Worldwide for its media buying activities.

INNOCEAN Worldwide entered into a joint venture with Horizon Media forming Canvas Worldwide, a media agency network. The creation of Canvas Worldwide was announced on Monday, August 17, in Seoul, Korea. Canvas will launch in September of this year.

Hyundai Motor America has selected Canvas for several important reasons. Canvas will bring a new, entrepreneurial team that is not associated with any media holding company, providing independent thought and action. Canvas will be inventing a new future in the media world, while using all of Horizon’s known strengths to function at full effectiveness from the moment it begins working for Hyundai Motor America in January, 2016. The independent nature of Canvas is a perfect fit for the bold, entrepreneurial nature of Hyundai.

Canvas will provide Hyundai Motor America with a terrific depth of knowledge both in overall media buying and a special focus in all areas of the digital world. From day one Canvas will be engaging advanced technology and unique data sets which will position Hyundai as a leader in today’s digital-centric world. This will increase the effectiveness of every aspect of Hyundai’s media presence, carefully matching the data to Hyundai’s strategic goals

Hyundai has been impressed by Horizon’s existing ability to offer fully a transparent system for media buys and understands this will be a key component of the Canvas philosophy. This transparency, and the accountability that goes with it, are critical to HMA.

Horizon is the largest independent media agency in the world with many years of success for clients such as Burger King, Gieco, Capital One Bank, A&E Network and Corona. While Canvas is new, it springs out of two companies known for their marketing strengths. Both have proven records of success and Hyundai has no doubt this agency will best meet its exacting needs.