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Feb 27, 2009

Q: What exactly does Blue Drive refer to? "Clean" cars? "Clean" powertrains? Or both?

A: Blue Drive actually describes both.

Blue Drive refers to cars which are powered by fuel-saving, emissions-reducing powertrains.

Blue Drive also describes the innovative powertrains which cut fuel consumption and emissions.

Q: What are examples of Blue Drive powertrains?

A: ISG (Idle Stop ‘n Go), Gas-Electric Hybrid, LPI-Electric Hybrid, Flex-Fuel (E85) Engines, Clean Diesels, Plug-In Gas-Electric Hybrids and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.

Q: How does Blue Drive help the environment?

A: Blue Drive helps reduce emissions and consumption of non-renewable resources (fuel).

Q: Why launch Blue Drive?

A: Firstly, Blue Drive serves the growing number of new car buyers who are concerned about the environmental impact of driving a car and who want to make the ecologically correct choice by driving a car that is as clean and as fuel efficient as today's technology will allow. Secondly, Blue Drive realizes Hyundai's vision of sustainable mobility and demonstrates our corporate social responsibility to protect the environment.

Q: Why "Blue" and not "Green"?

A: Blue is Hyundai's official corporate color, a color associated with trustworthiness, dependability and virtue.

Blue Drive values harmonize with the pure and pristine image of the blue oceans and blue skies of our "Blue Planet."

Q: What does the Blue Drive logo signify?

A: Firstly, the green leaf symbolizes Gaia, the life force of Mother Earth. Secondly, the blue color in Blue Drive conveys the image of purity of our blue oceans and blue skies, the major constants in our daily lives. Thirdly, to impart a feeling of dynamism and mobility all elements of the “Blue Drive” logo are italicized.

Q: When was Blue Drive first announced?

A: The initiative was formally announced at the Nov. 2008 LA Motor Show. The Blue Drive logo will make its global debut at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show in early March.

Q: How does Blue Drive fit in with the current image of Hyundai?

A: Blue Drive brings the new element of sustainable mobility to the value chain. It starts with clean manufacturing and our efforts to minimize waste and CO2 emissions at the factory level.

Equally important, at the other end of the cycle, we are extending recycling technology for end-of-life vehicles by which Hyundai demonstrates its increasing responsibility for maximizing the recyclable content of its vehicles.

Q: What's the long-term vision for Blue Drive?

A: Long-term, Hyundai envisions the realization of sustainable mobility with zero emissions vehicles which will be powered by renewable energy.

Q: Will all models have a Blue Drive option?

A: Over the very long-term, definitely yes. But Blue Drive will be phased in gradually.

Q: What is the schedule for rolling out Blue Drive?

A: Our first Blue Drive technology will be Idle Stop and Go (ISG) and will be fitted on the i30 this summer in Europe.

Also this summer, (July) will see the second of Blue Drive technology, the LPI Hybrid Electric launch in Korea. And in 2010 a Hybrid version of the all-new Sonata replacement (code named YF) will be launched.

Q: Why should a car buyer choose Blue Drive vehicle over a conventional model?

A: Driving a Blue Drive vehicle makes a public statement of one's eco-awareness and social responsibility as Blue Drive vehicles produce fewer emissions and consumes less fuel. There are also economical considerations.

Q: Will Blue Drive be more expensive?

A: Yes, Blue Drive vehicles will be slightly more expensive. Bringing cleaner, more fuel efficient vehicles and technologies to market entails the engineering and manufacturing of new additional components. These extra costs are passed on to the customer.

Q: Does Blue Drive make economical sense?

A: Yes, Blue Drive vehicles promise to have higher residual values (slower depreciation) than conventional vehicles. Also, Blue Drive will save the owner money over the long term. For example, the owner of an Elantra LPI Hybrid vehicle (to go on sale in Korea in July 2009) should recover the extra costs through the fuel savings made possible by the Blue Drive Hybrid Technology.

Q: Are tax breaks/rebates available for Blue Drive vehicles?

A: Yes, in some markets drivers of Blue Drive vehicles will enjoy tax breaks, rebates and other incentives. But such benefits vary from one market to another.

Q: How does Blue Drive differentiate itself from the competition?

A: Scope, scale and independence. Hyundai's Blue Drive development program encompasses everything from hybrids and clean diesels, to fuel cell electric vehicles and continuous refinement to the combustion engine. All work is independently conducted by Hyundai, as the company has not sought any strategic alliance with other automakers in this regard.

Q: Will Blue Drive cars look different from non-Blue Drive cars?

A: Basically, no. Blue Drive cars will share same basic styling with non-Blue Drive. There may be some very slight modifications in the exterior trim. The gauge cluster may include an “Eco-Coach” to promote fuel saving driving habits.

Q: Then how can a Blue Drive product be identified?

A: In two ways: First, all Hyundai vehicles fitted with a Blue Drive powertrain will display the “Blue DriveTM” logo on the side of the front fenders. Second, in the rear, a badge identifying the type of vehicle, for example, “Blue,” “Hybrid” or “FCEV” will be attached.

Q: Will Blue Drive be constantly evolving?

A: Yes, new technologies and innovations will be added over time with the goal of constantly lowering harmful emissions and reducing fuel consumption.

Q: Will Blue Drive include an all-electric vehicle?

A: No, pure electric vehicles are not being planned, not near-term nor medium-term. While a number of manufacturers have embraced the all-electric vehicle concept others have resisted this idea. Hyundai counts among the latter. In the view of Hyundai’s head engineers, current battery technology lacks sufficient energy density. As a result, today’s batteries are too bulky and are not capable of delivering a sufficient operating range. As further advances are made in battery technology, Hyundai will revisit the idea of a pure-electric vehicle.

Q: What's the value of Blue Drive to the consumer?

A: It's valuable to the eco-conscious consumer who wants to make an ecologically correct choice when purchasing a new car.

Q: Will Blue Drive be shared with Kia too?

A: Yes and no: Yes, Kia will have access to all of the same eco-friendly technologies used by Hyundai. However, the Blue Drive name will definitely not be shared. A uniquely branded eco-drive program is under development and its name will be announced by Kia later this year.

Q: Will Blue Drive be trademarked?

A: Yes, it is trademarked and should be written as Blue DriveTM in all press releases and official documents. Blue Drive should also be written as two separate words, each capitalized.


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