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Our media relations professionals cannot provide vehicle customer assistance.

If you are a Hyundai customer looking for vehicle assistance or have another inquiry, please contact the Hyundai Consumer Assistance Center at .

Hyundai Consumer Assistance Center – Headquarters, Fountain Valley, CA

Monday to Friday: 6:00 am - 5:00 pm PT

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Information below is intended solely for members of the media.

PR Contacts

Michael Stewart - Senior Group Manager, Corporate & Marketing PR

I’m responsible for corporate and marketing public relations. This includes helping enhance Hyundai’s reputation, executing thought leadership and executive visibility programming, disseminating corporate and business news and supporting the company’s advertising and marketing programs.

You can reach out to me for:

  • Corporate news
  • Advertising and marketing programs
  • Setting up interviews or speaking opportunities for Hyundai executives and experts
  • Automotive industry trends

Likes: USC sports, tailgating, golf, buying lottery tickets with Lori, auto climate control, surviving everyday with two young kids

Dislikes: Back-seat drivers, inefficient traffic lights, my terrible sense of direction, clutter

Fountain Valley, CA

Brandon Ramirez - Senior Group Manager, Product PR

After nearly 20 years working in Product Planning, I am now working on Product Public Relations communicating the attributes of Hyundai’s entire product lineup. This includes auto show strategy, new vehicle launches and ongoing content creation for Hyundai vehicles.

One of my favorite cars growing up was a Honda CR-X; I loved my car for its nimble, fun-to-drive characteristics, plus it was a manual.

Likes: Driving, movies that include car chases (e.g. James Bond, Jason Bourne, The Fast and the Furious, etc.), rally races, traveling, dining, exercising (e.g. boot camp, Zumba, jogging)

Dislikes: Eating and smelling peanut butter and liver

Fountain Valley, CA

Miles Johnson - Senior Manager, Product PR, Sedans, Technology and Motorsports

Responsible for IONIQ Brand Vehicles, Hyundai sedan model product PR, Motorsports, Technology, Quality and Service public relations. 

Technology initiatives include: 

  • Blue Link
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • Infotainment systems
  • Cyber and Data Security
  • V2V Technology
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Wearables
  • Owner Apps
  • Electronics and Telematics shows

Quality initiatives include: J.D. Power Survey Results (IQS, VDS, Appeal, CSI, SSI) and Consumer Reports results

Service initiatives include: Car Care Service, Owner Marketing, Social Media and Crash Parts

Other responsibilities:

Likes: Surfing, House of Cards, Automotive History, Gadgets, Lifting Weights

Dislikes: Avocado and Pesto Pizza, Time Zones

Fountain Valley, CA

Derek Joyce - Senior Manager, Product PR, CUVs, NEXO, N-models and SEMA

Manages Hyundai U.S. product and advanced powertrain PR including:

  • Hyundai SUV model product PR
  • N-brand performance models and brand PR
    • Veloster N
    • Future N model development
  • NEXO Fuel Cell SUV and future hydrogen technologies
  • Advanced powertrain development PR (N-performance, hydrogen, electric, plug-in, hybrid)
  • SEMA show PR

Likes: World travel adventures, tennis, surfing, dogs, track days, snow sports, family time

Dislikes: Empty bragging, “gut-bomb” lunches, verbosity

Fountain Valley, CA

Lori Scholz - Public Relations Senior Manager

Manage and oversee Hyundai’s vehicle press fleet in thirteen locations across the United States. This includes the ordering and logistics of vehicles used for all-media launches, regional events and press fleet operations ensuring media have the opportunity to drive and write about our vehicles. I play a key role in the design and execution of national and regional vehicle launch programs and events.  

You can reach out to me when you need help with the following:

  • Press fleet scheduling
  • Long Term Loan requests
  • Vehicles for comparisons
  • Press Events
    • National
    • Regional
  • Press releases

Likes: Being a native Californian, riding my bike to the beach, traveling (with family and for business), shopping, CHOCOLATE, being appreciated & Love being a grandma, times two!

Dislikes: Sunday drivers, whiners & Sauerkraut


Fountain Valley, CA

Michele Tinson - Midwest Manager Product and Corporate Communications

Manage Hyundai U.S. product public relations. You can reach out to me when you need help with the following:

  • Product news, data, and insights
  • Press releases, specifications, features, pricing & photos
  • Press kits and annual product changes
  • Innovative story concepts
  • Auto show plans, and interviews 
  • Embargoed information

Likes: My kids (even as teenagers!), Sunshine, Beaches, Running and Reading

Dislikes: Snakes, crabby people, oysters, a turbulent plane ride, a bad day

Superior Township, MI

Victoria Walden - Manager, Social Media & Influencer Engagement

Responsible for leading Hyundai Motor America’s public relations efforts in influencer marketing and social media, along with other traditional public relations activities for Hyundai products and company initiatives.

You can reach out to me when you need help with the following: 

  • Social media efforts
  • Digital marketing industry trends
  • Influencer campaigns
  • Hyundai’s Touring Car Racing (TCR) program
  • Parking between the lines / parallel parking

Favorite quote: “You can sleep in a car but you can’t drive a house.” - TS

Likes: Fried chicken, fast cars, *NSYNC, trying new restaurants

Dislikes: Prius drivers, going slower than 80mph, cardio, cleaning

Fountain Valley, CA

Samantha Recchia - Senior Associate, Corporate & Marketing PR

Responsible for corporate & marketing public relations, influencer relations, and press fleet operations. You can reach out to me when you need help with the following: 

  • Social media influencer programs
  • Advertising and marketing programs
  • Setting up interviews or speaking opportunities for Hyundai representatives
  • Press fleet loans
  • Vehicle transport requests

Likes: coffee, positivity, traveling, time spent with family and friends, Italian food, teacup pigs

Dislikes: cramped elevators, snakes, traffic, stingrays

Fountain Valley, CA

Tania Rubio - Associate, Communications

Department Ambassador for the public relations team.

You can reach out to me when you need help with the following:

  • Administrative Support
  • Media Website
  • Invoice inquiries

Likes: Coffee, Travel, my French Bulldog, Sidecar Doughnuts and any movie starring Will Ferrell

Dislikes: Pickles and Onions

Fountain Valley, CA

Kevin Oates - Ketchum, Partner, SVP, Practice Director

Support Hyundai Motor America’s corporate communications and product public relations programs.

Active in West Coast media relations and corporate communications programs for 15 years as a leader on the agency team representing Hyundai Motor America. Please feel free to find me when you need help with the following:

  • West Coast media needs
  • Corporate information
  • Marketing and advertising programs
  • Hyundai executive communications
  • Auto show information

Likes: USC football, running, good wine, rescue dogs, home improvement projects

Dislikes: The 405 freeway, bumper stickers, gophers, sitcoms with live studio audiences 

Los Angeles, CA

Donny Nordlicht - VP, Ketchum Transportation

Manages Hyundai’s east coast public relations, including product, corporate, and broadcast communications. A life-long car nut, and geek about all things NYC transit and NYC history. You can reach out to me when you need help with the following:

  • East coast and northeast regional public relations
  • Product information and press releases
  • Northeast regional press associations
  • Auto show information
  • Press fleet availability/scheduling

Likes: All things cars, many things trains and subways, some things buses, drinking wine and eating cheese, going to Broadway shows

Dislikes: Loud music without headphones, slow drivers in the left lane, not being able to finish a crossword puzzle


New York, NY

Ariel Garcia-Linares - VP, Ketchum Transportation – Hispanic and Southern/South Central Regions

Privileged to work with Hyundai Motor America’s Communications department since 1999 focusing on corporate and product public relations in the Southern and South Central regions, as well as the U.S. Hispanic market. I also serve as Hyundai’s Spanish-language Product public relations spokesperson. Active member of SAMA, GAAMA and TAWA. You can reach out to me when you need help with the following:

  • Press releases, specifications, features, pricing and photography
  • Press fleet vehicle availability/scheduling
  • Regional public relations source for the Southern / South Central Regions
  • Spanish-language press materials & interview opportunities
  • Southern region lifestyle media opportunities
  • Regional and national Hispanic lifestyle media opportunities

Likes: Politics (I’m a political junkie), Horticulture and Landscape design (I have a green thumb), traveling the world, spending time with family

Dislikes: Handheld cell phone users while driving, licorice, jellybeans, celery

Miami, FL

Yvonne Marie Lorie - Ketchum Public Relations / Hyundai Hispanic and Southern/South Central Public Relations

Support Hyundai Motor America’s corporate communications department, particularly national Hispanic public relations which includes local U.S. Hispanic markets, and also Southern/South Central region representation.

An active member of SAMA, GAAMA and TAWA, as well as local Hispanic organizations, including national board member of HPRA, I have been lucky to work with the Hyundai Motor America team for over a decade. You can reach out to me when you need help with the following:

  • National Hispanic media, blogger and influencer relations
  • Regional public relations source for the South from Texas to Florida
  • Spanish-language media materials, including photography, video and spokesperson scheduling
  • Southern/South Central region and national Hispanic lifestyle media opportunities

Likes: Volleyball, boating, crossword puzzles, rainy Sundays, Hawaii Five-O

Dislikes: Thriller movies, pickles, traffic congestion


Miami, FL

Jin Cha - Global PR Team

Seoul, South Korea