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FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Feb. 3, 2011 -This week, Hyundai Motor America announced it has begun reporting monthly sales-weighted Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) results for the Hyundai brand to provide journalists, policy-makers and consumers with additional data. Today, industry fuel economy reporting lags sales reporting as official CAFE data is calculated on a completed model year basis, with the most recent data published in November 2010, covering the 2009 model year.

For January 2011, Hyundai’s sales-weighted CAFE level was 34.7 miles per gallon, with a model year mix for the month of 86 percent 2011 and 14 percent 2010 model year vehicles. This is a significant increase from Hyundai’s most recent official CAFE level for the 2009 model year of 31.7 mpg. “In 2008, Hyundai had committed to achieve a CAFE level of at least 35 mpg by 2015. Since then, we’ve redoubled our efforts to introduce affordable, fuel-efficient technology across our lineup, and now we can confidently project achieving a 35 mpg average several years early,” said John Krafcik, Hyundai Motor America’s president and CEO. “With 2025 CAFE targets being discussed in the 47-to-62 mpg range, Hyundai’s fuel economy and sales achievements across a wide range of vehicle segments may provide some confidence to policy-makers that this industry can achieve remarkable fuel efficiency gains without compromising vehicle sales, appeal, value, or customer satisfaction.”

Sales-Weighted CAFE Results Jan-11
Hyundai (all models) 34.7 mpg
Hyundai (cars) 36.4 mpg
Hyundai (trucks) 29.8 mpg

In November, Hyundai began reporting monthly sales of vehicles that achieve 40-mpg, in keeping with its commitment to put more 40-mpg cars on the road than any other automaker in 2011. In January, Hyundai sold 4,792 cars (2011 Elantra sedan and 2011 Sonata Hybrid) with 40-mpg EPA fuel economy highway ratings. “This is another case where more data could benefit consumers through greater availability of 40-mpg vehicles across the industry,” said Krafcik. “At Hyundai, 40-mpg isn’t a marketing charade. High-volume, high-value cars like our 2011 Elantra sedan, which gets 40-mpg across the board without extra cost fuel economy packages, demonstrate our commitment to leading the industry in fuel efficiency. We hope other automakers join us in reporting monthly fuel economy results, and providing sales data for their 40-mpg models.”

Hyundai Motor America, headquartered in Fountain Valley, Calif., is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Co. of Korea. Hyundai vehicles are distributed throughout the United States by Hyundai Motor America and are sold and serviced through about 800 dealerships nationwide. All Hyundai vehicles sold in the U.S. are covered by the Hyundai Assurance program which includes the 5-year/60,000 mile fully transferable bumper-to-bumper warranty, Hyundai’s 10-year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty and 5-year complimentary Roadside Assistance. For more details on Hyundai Assurance, please visit


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